The Formation of the New Forest District Association

In 1970, the Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland (as it was known) had 2 District Associations to cover a very large area, namely Hants and Dorset.

Membership of the Club was growing and a group of Dorset D.A. members, living mainly in the Bournemouth / Poole area felt a need for a new D.A. to be formed and so on 27th September 1970 they met at Bushes Farm, Blandford to discuss the possibility of this.

The Hants D.A. and Dorset D.A. were informed of this intention. The South West Region of the Club at this time embraced the Hants D.A. and also Solent, Berkshire, Oxford and Gloucester D.A.


The first committee

By the 27th March 1971 the new D.A. had been approved by the South West Region Council and the first committee was formed:-

  • Mrs Pat Roberts (Chairman)
  • Mr Harold Davies (Vice Chairman)
  • Mr John Howells (Treasurer)
  • Mr Arthur Blake (Secretary)
  • Mr Charles Roberts (S. W. Region Rep)
  • Mr Mic Cuff (C.C.Y. Leader)

    And the following agreed to be committee members:-

    Messrs Stan Bundy and John Deacon Mesdames Eileen Deacon, Nora Blake, Ross Cuff, Leah Davis, Joy Howells and June Ford

    At this meeting it was felt that the D.A. should cater for the younger children of families attending meets and so an under 12 year old group was formed under the supervision of Mrs June Ford.

    The First Camping Meets:

    • On the 8th April 1971 the first meet of the New Forest D.A. was opened at Knighton Farm, Everton, Lymington and was attended by 32 units.
    • At their meeting on 5th May 1971, the National Council under Minute 4620 officially confirmed the formation of the New Forest D.A. to administer an area comprising the postal district of Bournemouth and Poole. This date has been considered to be the birthday of the NFDA.

    The First Temporary Holiday Site

    The DA soon showed its mettle and on the 23rd July 1971 its first Temporary Holiday Site was opened ay Old Common Farm, Corfe Mullen. It was visited by 213 family units.

    The First Feast of Lanterns and Steam Meet

    This was quickly followed in September by the first DA Feast of Lanterns organised by the CCY and then the first Steam Meet at Bushes Farm, Blandford attended by 345 units. At that time a record for any meet run by a DA in the South West Region.

    The First AGM
    With the Camping season coming to an end 51 members gathered for the first Annual General Meeting held at Wesy Moors Memorial Hall on Sunday 17th October 1971. The Chairman, Mrs Pat Roberts, in her report stated "The friendly spirit in this DA has, I am sure, been the answer to our success"

    Pennons were presented to the following for their designs:-

    • David Cosham NFDA Pennon
    • Trevor Humphrey CCY Pennon
    • David Deacon Holiday Site Pennons
    • John Brewster Steam Rally Pennon

    The first DA and CCY pennons, for flying at meets, were presented to the DA by Mrs Joyce Brewster. She had made them and they were hand painted in oils by her husband Cecil.

    Ron Bennett was co-opted on to the committee to lead the under 12 group who were now known as the C.C.K. (Camping Club Kids).

    The First Newsiest

    In November 1971 the first Newsheet was produced and it was headed with a as a name for it was still to be found.

    As it still does today, its purpose was to keep members informed of up to date activities together with recipes, stories etc.